If it were possible, I'd travel the world nonstop, camera in hand. I love marveling at the otherworldly landscapes of the American Southwest, breathing in salty Mediterranean air and listening to waves on a Greek island, exploring different cultures and foods. If you like, follow me on Instagram under @ninaphotoart to see my travel photos, from majestic landscapes to tiny details.


Meanwhile, I feel lucky to live in a place as stunningly beautiful as Lake Tahoe, where the water is as turquoise as can be, and where I can enjoy skiing in the winter. I grew up in Munich, Germany, and my dad put me on skis before I turned three. It's been a lifelong passion.


I have a son who still keeps me on my toes, and whenever I can, I take him on a travel adventure; we visit Munich every year, and Greece when possible, or go on a road trip closer to home.


But enough about me — send me a message and tell me about you and the photos you're looking for!

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