a fundraiser for

All of us at Nina · Photography and Pet Network Lake Tahoe would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the participants of the 2023 pet portrait fundraiser. Your generosity helps to create a brighter future for animals in need. Thank you for helping us make an impact. Below is a gallery with photos of the stars and their stories.

little man, jemba, and yetti

second chances

All three are rescues! One from a dumpster, a feral dog from the desert, and a medical case from a shelter in Las Vegas.

Nola, buster, and khaki

A wild bunch

Nola and Buster are a mom and son duo (Boston Terriers) where their human dad died and the sisters/rescue were considering splitting them up. I love Bostons and rushed to rescue them together. They have been the best! Khaki is a husky mix from Pet Network that was brought in very young, adopted and returned, then we gave him a shot. It has been a long road with a lot of frustration and training but he is just the sweetest boy!

lopi and Eigen

big teddy bears

I’ve had Lopi for 12 years got him my freshman year of college. We’ve grown up together and I love him to the moon. I want many photos of him so I never forget this special bond. Eigen is 3 years old; he’s the sweetest, biggest, fluffiest bear. He’s so sweet I was able to get him certified as a canine good citizen all the way to a therapy dog. He now volunteers in the elementary school with the kids.

Lil Mama

the cutest

Lil Mama is the light of our lives and holds a special place in our hearts!